SC 1000 Probemodule voor 6 sensoren, relais, MODBUS, EU-kabel

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A fully modular system consisting of a display module and one or more probe modules.

Probemodule voor aansluiting van max. 6 SC-sensoren, met relaiskaart met 4 verbreekcontacten (NG), interfacekaart voor MODBUS RS485-netwerk en eurovoedingskabel voor netspanning van 100-240 VAC.
A controller system to which SC sensors can be connected and from which they can be controlled consists of a single SC 1000 display module and one or more SC 1000 probe modules. The system is configured modularly in line with customer-specific requirements and can be expanded at any time with additional measurement stations, sensors, inputs, outputs and bus interfaces.
The probe module is used to connect SC sensors to a measurement station. Several probe modules can be linked to create a SC 1000 network.

Performance certified according to MCERTs regulation.

  • More confidence in your instrument’s performance
  • Plug and Play operation
  • Communication options to fit any application need
  • Expandable and upgradable