Check your measurements with our buffer solutions!

Certified Quality Standards

We carry out measurements and comparisons every day of our lives. One of the most frequently measured parameters is pH. To ensure that the pH readings are true, the pH measurement sensors must be regularly calibrated. An incorrectly calibrated sensor is a major source of error. The certified buffer solutions from Hach calibration laboratory offer the assurance of accurate calibration. This is backed up by the guaranteed shelf life of the IUPAC standards. Thanks to special packaging technology, the sealed solutions remain stable and ready to use for up to four years.

Certified buffer solutionsThe portfolio of calibration solutions for pH and conductivity measurements includes the complete set of certified IUPAC (DIN 19266) compliant pH buffer solutions and the certified OIML (Organization Internationale de Métrologie Légale) compliant conductivity standards.

Highest quality pH measurement The quality standards supplied by Hach for pH calibration can be totally traced to the standard hydrogen electrode.

As precise and reliable as possible  Luminescence based buffer HacLDO technology is an established Hach-Lange innovation launched in 2003.  The IntelliCAL LDO is a drift-free sensor providing error-free and accurate results with minimum effort as no calibration, polarization, or replacement electrolyte are required.

Cost savings and excellent analytical quality from a single source
Complying with all the requirements of the certified standards, Hach produces calibration solutions for normal routine applications. Users have a choice of solutions with pH 4.01, 7.00, 10.01 as well as molar KCl solutions, for the calibration of conductivity measuring cells. The individual needs of widely varied users are therefore satisfied in a practical and application oriented manner.